Our mission.

Creating successful, healthy and accessible cities at a human scale, through active & inclusive mobility.

Our vision.

Both in the Netherlands and in the world, our cities are growing and becoming increasingly busy. It is a challenge to keep our cities on the move. Trends such as scarcity of oil, web shopping and rising service economy lead to structural changes in transport and transport needs. In addition, cities have been trying to create livelier and friendly public spaces. That is a good thing, because we are confronted every day with polluted air, traffic congestion, social exclusion and other urban problems. It is time to reinvent the existing mobility system.

Cities have been paying more attention health and the environment, including achieving the objectives set in the Paris climate agreement. In addition, the city’s inclusiveness is also receiving increasing attention. The gap between rich and poor is increasing, and the role that mobility plays in this is often overlooked. Mobility is more than getting from A to B. In its essence, mobility is about having access to the city and about being part of society. That’s why mobility must be accessible to all people. Currently, many people suffer from transport poverty. Entire groups cannot get to work because public transport does not match their transport needs. Children grow up in situations where access to a bicycle is not commonplace.

It is time to transform our mobility system radically. Solely making the current system more efficient is not a solution, as it will yield lower incremental gains.

It is time to choose for sustainable mobility that is accessible to everyone. The solutions are already there. New technologies are only a part of this. We believe in stimulating active transport, such as walking, cycling, in combination with efficient public transportation. We call that happy mobility, and that’s how we create a city at the human pace, for all people.

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